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Dentistry has come a long way in recent decades. Modern dentistry allows for a comfortable dental experience that can even be relaxing. As a vital part of our focus on creating a positive experience for you, our team values your comfort throughout your visit to our office.

From the moment you walk in and receive a warm greeting, to the time you leave, you’ll find our team is dedicated to your comfort. We’ll start by learning your reasons for choosing our office, as well as your goals for your smile. We’ll take time to review about your dental health history and provide answers to all of your questions. Afterward, we will complete a comprehensive exam to diagnose your current oral health and create a plan to address your needs and goals.

In your plan, we’ll provide recommendations for your care and provide solutions, including the option for sedation during treatment. Our team is trained and certified to provide various levels of sedation dentistry to ensure you are able to relax and enjoy your visit.

If anxiety has held you back from achieving optimal oral health and a smile you can display with pride, contact us today. We care about your smile, and your comfort matters to us.

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Lombard Sedation Dentist | Root Canals Without Fear

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According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), there are popular misconceptions people may have regarding root canal therapy. Unfortunately, these patients may make decisions about their health care based on this incomplete or inaccurate information. Below are some common myths that you may have heard about root canal treatment.

Myth 1: Root canal treatment is painful.

In reality, the only pain that is generally associated with root canal therapy is caused by the underlying reason for the treatment – tooth decay or infected or diseased tissue. The root canal treatment removes this damaged tissue from the tooth, relieving the pain in the process.

Myth 2: Root canal treatment can spread infection.

In fact, root canal therapy has been proven to have a much lower incidence of bacteria entering the blood stream than tooth extraction and causes much less discomfort for the patient. Recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has also found that patients who have had multiple endodontic treatments have a 45% lower risk of cancer than patients who have not.

Myth 3: It’s better to just extract problem teeth.

By saving the natural tooth whenever possible, doctors and patients avoid the need for further, more costly treatment. Root canal treatment has a very high success rate and can often allow the natural tooth to last a lifetime.

If you still experience anxiety about the prospect of root canal treatment, there is another option you may consider. Tidewater Dental is pleased to offer sedation dentistry. Whether you have sensitive teeth that make treatment difficult, prohibitive anxiety that keeps you out of the dental chair, or multiple treatments that need to be done in one sitting, sedation dentistry can remove the worry from dental care.

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from receiving the quality care you deserve. Our qualified team is fully certified to offer sedation dentistry. Turn a potentially stressful trip to the dentist into a relaxing experience while receiving the care you need. To learn more about our sedation offerings, contact our dental team today!

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Lombard Dentist | Oral Hygiene at Work

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Do you brush your teeth after lunch? If you’re one of the millions of people who work outside the home, chances are you don’t have the time or resources to brush during the day. However, not being able to brush doesn’t mean you can’t protect your teeth at work.

Grab a drink of water. When you finish eating, get a drink of water. Swish the water around in your mouth, then spit or swallow it. Water helps to remove small particles of food that can remain on your teeth after your meal or snack.

Chew sugarless gum. There are certain types of sugarless gum that are approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) as good for your oral health. The reason for this is that chewing stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth. That saliva washes away food particles and helps to neutralize acids on your teeth.

Limit time drinking coffee or soda. Coffee, soda, tea, and many other beverages contain high levels of sugars and acids. The more time you spend sipping your drink, the longer your teeth are exposed to these sources of decay. Instead of spending an hour taking small swallows, drink quickly to limit exposure, then rinse your mouth or switch to water to help counteract the effects.

Brush and floss when you can. Try to keep to a regular routine of good oral hygiene practices when you are at home. Brush at least twice daily, for two full minutes each time. Floss or use an interdental cleaner of your choice once a day. Keep your recommended appointments to have your teeth cleaned and evaluated by our team.

Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to interrupt your workday. Keeping these simple tips in mind can help protect your mouth from tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral health issues.

To learn more ways to preserve your oral health, talk to our team during your visit. Contact our office to schedule your next appointment today.

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